Urgent call for Peace from the Diaspora Sudanese Women 


We are extremely concerned about the present situation of instability, human rights and armed conflict in Sudan, particularly in Darfur, Blue Nile and Kordofan. We want an end to the bloodshed, poverty and displacement and the ongoing Violence against Women in Sudan.  

Many women have fled our country as a result of war and the consequences of war. Many women are internally displaced particularly in Dafur. They have been subject to the most brutal forms of violence  “RAPE”, and are now struggling to guarantee the survival of their children and communities in the displaced camps in Darfur and across the border in Chad. 

We strongly condemn the international silence about all acts of violence against the civilians in Darfur, particularly violence of all its forms against women and girls.  WE ask the British Government to demand negotiations to bring PEACE to Darfur.

We, THE WOMEN OF SUDAN, continue to demand it

Sudanese women living in the Diaspora refuse to remain silent while our sisters continue to suffer;  WE  DEMAND that our voices be heard. Women constitute the majority in the IDP camps, refugee camps and the country, and they are the community builders, their full and equal representation in the peace process and the decision-making of their country is vital. They must be listened to, considered and granted. 

Email Dr. Mariam Suliman, Chairperson of the Voice of Darfur Women,

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