From Sudanese Mothers for Peace and Development

To the Voice of Darfur Women (VODW), 25 August 2010

From Sudanese Mothers for Peace and Development

1. had the chance to build a group of Darfurian Women who come from the different states of Darfur

and we trained most of the Darfurian women Leaders. Also SMP organised a group of 46 ladies from

Darfur in the camps around Khartoum. We are working to train, support and inform the group. Our last

activity was involving the group in their camp to share our roll in ’16 Days Campaign for the Elimination of

Violence against Women’ which we did in partnership with ‘UNHCR – Sudan and Civil Society.’ For

poverty elevation we are working with the group in the a project of the small grant fund for poor families to

increase their income. We would like to build the capacity of this group to be able to make a difference

when they go back to Darfur.

2. During the past 15 months, several Active Movements of Darfur, Solidarity Groups, Women

Groups, Political and Quasi-Political Parties and Organizations, and Civil Society Organizations

have requested us to look into developing their capacity in various Conflict Management,

Governance and related capabilities through training, workshops, facilitated sessions and advisory


3. The groups of Darfur Women have requested the assistance of Sudanese

Mothers For Peace in Capacity Development and the role of women. We would like to do this in

partnership with the ‘Voice of Darfur Women’ as we have witnessed your training

and the two trained women you sent to us in Khartoum.

4. The SMP would welcome a 3-year project of capacity building in the form of intensive courses to

be delivered by the VODW with its close links with the Darfurian Diaspora and the

SMP in the UK. We would like theVODW to provide their specialist training for this group. It will be a very

good for our work specially if you could send a trained officer from your side to share the training and to do

the monitoring and evaluation twice yearly and in writing the reports and making suggestions for the


5. Also we have the official permission to open offices in Darfur. We already manage to have spaces

for offices in both A l Junaia and Nyala in addition to our Office in Khartoum. But before we do any thing

there we would like to conduct an action research project with a representative of the VODW which will

focus on understanding the impact of humanitarian assistance on women’s empowerment in the area and

find out what is being done so far to empower women and what needs to be done. We will be able to gather

additional data for evaluation. From such an evaluation we could emerge with new ideas about how to

improve humanitarian assistance to empower women and what project we could do in the future. I suggest

we could start with one town first either A l Junaina or Nyala . This will give us a good idea about how to

plan this work together.

Kind regards,

Khadiga Hussein

Sudanese Mothers for Peace


Mob UK: 00 44 (0) 79390 26632

Mob Sudan: 00 249 (0) 912578210

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