VODW First Al Fashir visit, In August 2012

Report by Fatima S N Abdelrahman

The Voice of Darfur Women

First Al Fashir visit, In August 2012

Report by Fatima S N Abdelrahman

Translation of the documents by Marwa Gibril

Aim of the visit:

To see the progress of the Algana organisation, to give more courses in women empowerment as well as to evaluate the first visit by Miriam Hassim in July 2007. 

The first impression was that the organization in Al Fashir was made of diverse individuals, well organised and eager to work. The head of the organisation Aziza Hassim is an experienced teacher and hard working individual. The group consists of well educated women. However some members are in need of further courses to improve their problem-solving skills. We had several meetings in their centre which is very simple and just has one room and big yard (see the figure in page 2). They provide breakfast, tea sweets and drinks.

The group highly praised Mariam Hassim and the courses they received from her visit which were practical and useful in their day-to-day activities.

They discussed and shared their problems and came up with recommendations that will help achieve the goals of the organisation.  One of the main issues is the harassments inflicted by the governments forces (NISS – National Intelligence and Security Services).

Details of the goals, achievements, obstacles and recommendations are summarised on the next pages:

Project goals:

  • How to help the women to be an integral element in their societies.
  • Workshops for women on how to develop different skills and qualifications, education and women experiences.
  • How to help and honourable support to women to protect themselves from discrimination.
  • Provide health education especially reproductive health.
  • Provide the area with skilled personnel for first aid.
  • Provide family planning clinic.
  • Promote prevention against AIDS and STI.
  • Training midwives.
  • All of the above will lead to a decrease maternal and infant mortality rate.

Project element:

  • First aid training.
  • Home nursing and primary health care training to improve health awareness.
  • Training for midwives.
  • Health clinic for (antenatal care and vaccination).
  • Provide a diet guide for the pregnant ladies.
  • Educate the youth about their health rights.
  • Conduct health education about AIDS and sexually transmitted infections.

The design of suggested project will be formulated by the experts in each area.

Expected outcome:

By the end of the project the following is expected:

  • Improve the health awareness for 5000 (women, youth and community leaders).
  • Provide well trained local personnel to help their community.
  • Increase the abilities of organisation members who work on the project.
  • Provide family planning service in the area.

Duration of project:

24 months

  • Tools and equipment for the mobile clinic.
  • Rationales:
  • Poor health awareness in the area.
  • Wide spread of malnutrition among under five.
  • Wide spread of traditions with negative health complications.
  • wide spread of illiteracy
  • High poverty percentage.
  • High population.

Targeted group:

The project targeted 5000 beneficiary in Mayo and Mandela area, both men, women, community leaders and local committees.

*The population of Mayo -Mandela around 32,000 .Living in poor situations and most of the are labourers with minimum wages (3 US Dollar per day).

They lack clean water access and proper sanitation plus difficulties in accessing health service.

After the survey which has been conducted in the area main problems were identified:

  • Illiteracy among the population especially women.
  • Increase the percentage of children missing school.
  • Spread of malnutrition among under five.
  • Nearest health clinic is 3 kilometres distance.
  • Lack of trained midwives.
  • Difficult access to clean water.
  • Poverty and unemployment.

*Women Problems:

  • The illiteracy among women is more than 80%.
  • Thread of female genital mutilation practice and its complication.
  • Unplanned pregnancy without spacing.

Algana Women and Child Development Organisation

The organisation Achievements:

  • Conducted a workshop to improve the awareness about AIDS.
  • Conducted a workshop in women role in peace building.
  • Partnership with other organisation to eliminate FGM.
  • Improve the education environment in Abo Shok camp.
  • Conducted health education days.
  • Distributed school uniform for children.
  • Trained women in learning sewing.
  • Cleaning campaign was run in Alazama & Alishlag boroughs
  • Organising a day for health education
  • Organising first aid courses for the workers as well as for selected individuals from the camps
  • Teaching women domestic skills (e.g. cooking skills)

The group members in Alfashir have a big hope in VODW and their own volunteers.  Since returning from there I have kept in touch with the group via email and telephone. I suggest all of us in VODW  help them to train themselves to have a voice in the communities.  I am very happy to be given this prospect which improves my skills, understanding of the situation and the experience which has encouraged me to do more and more in the future.

Many thanks particularly to Mr Ray Newton and VODW. I hope that we will continue our good work in Al Fashir and VODW.  Fatima, October 2012.

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